Button module

You can create any buttons you can imagine
  • Select the size of the Button – small, medium, large, block, custom.
  • Color of the Button’s title both static and on hover.
  • Change the background color easily and quickly.
  • Select the Background hover effect from the list.
  • Enable different Button animation effects on hover.
  • You may even add image as a Button background.
  • Select any icon from the packs you can easily upload.
  • Set the icon size and color to suite the site design perfectly.
  • Set the icon position inside the button where you need.
  • Use any border style you need – solid, dotted, dashed, etc.
  • Select border color both for static and hovered Button.
  • Set the border width to make the Button nicely shaped.
  • Rounded corners or square it’s up to you to decide.
  • Add shadow effect to the Button to distinguish it a bit.
  • Style the Button typography to make the button fit the site.
  • Add tooltip on any side for even more info and explanations.
Button variations

This is not a complete list of possible variations...

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